Brazil English translation style guide

Full name: Federative Republic of Brazil (Republica Federativa do Brasil) Official language: Portuguese (many Amerindian languages and a few European languages are also spoken, but the only official language is Portuguese) Government type: Federal presidential republic Parliament: Brazil has a … Read More

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The role of translation and languages ​​in the circulation of ideas and information

In space and time, the intensity of intercultural communication and interlinguistic exchanges largely depends on the quantity and quality of information translated from one language to another, but history has shown that circulation and “notoriety” of ideas do not merge … Read More

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The illusion of a gambling tip to win: Martingale

A martingale is a technique giving the illusion of increasing the chances of winning in gambling while respecting the rules. The principle depends completely on the type of game that is the target and, in many cases, the rules are intended to prevent the possibility of a martingale. Nevertheless, the term is accompanied by an aura of mystery that some players would know the secret techniques to cheat the chance and, for example, beat the bank in casinos. To do this, a martingale must change the expectation is such that, in the long term, the chances of winning are lower than those of losing. It is therefore to increase the chances of winning and, ideally, they are superior to those of losing.

The illusion of a gambling tip to win: Martingale


A short guide about what is and how to play bingo, the game in US and United Kingdom, and its major variations.
Since its invention in 1934, modern bingo has evolved into multiple variations, with each jurisdiction’s gambling laws regulating how the game is played. There are also nearly unlimited patterns that may be specified for play. Some patterns only require one number to be matched, up to cover-all games which award the jackpot for covering an entire card and certain games award prizes to players for matching no numbers or achieving no pattern.
Bingo is often used as an instructional tool in American primary schools and in teaching English as a foreign language in many countries. It became increasingly more popular across the UK with more purpose-built bingo halls.
Keno is an important variation of bingo game, often played at modern casinos, and also offered as a game in some state lotteries.
Scratchcard is another major variation. The scratchcard is a small token, usually made of cardboard, where one or more areas contain concealed information: they are covered by a substance (usually latex) that cannot be seen through, but can be scratched off.


– Equipment
– Bingo cards
– Equipment
– Culture
– – Terminology
– History
– The business of bingo
– Variations
– – U-Pick’Em bingo
– – Quick Shot bingo
– – Bonanza bingo
– – Facebook bingo
– – Horse racing bingo
– – Table bingo
– – Electronic bingo
– – Death bingo
Bingo in Commonwealth
– Gambling
– Description of the game
– – Strips of 6 tickets
– – Gameplay
– – Purchasing tickets
– – Linked bingo
– – Windfalls
– Electronic bingo
– – Online bingo
– Bingo for profit
– – Mechanised cash bingo
– National Bingo Game
– – Gala Bingo’s High 5 game
– – Gala Bingo’s special tickets
– British bingo nicknames
Bingo cards
– History
– Types of Cards
– – 75-ball Bingo Cards
– – – Randomization
– – 90-ball bingo cards
– – Bingo Cards and the Odds of Winning
– Buzzword bingo
– – Concept
– – Creation and popularization
– The card game
– – Gameplay
– – Variations
– History
– Odds
– Hits: Odds
– Modern keno
– Detailed mathematical analysis
– History
Prize Bingo
– How to play
– Prizes
– Bingo number slang
– Odds of winning
– Known Prize Bingo locations
– – United Kingdom
– Technology
– Origins
– Popularity
– Predictability
– Second-chance sweepstakes
– Break opens
– Online gambling scratchcards
– Fraudulent practices
– Cards hiding confidential information
Online bingo
– Main types of bingo games
– History
– Getting started
– Playing
– Chat
– Bingo networks
– Online bingo in the UK
– Mobile Bingo
– Facebook Bingo


A history of the affiliate marketing

If you recommend a restaurant to a friend, and that friend visits the restaurant because of your recommendation, the restaurant’s revenue will have increased because of your referral. This is “word-of-mouth” marketing. But you, as the referrer, do not see … Read More

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